Convert Vivvo to WordPress

The Vivvo CMS is a good option for various multimedia and news websites.  However, many users find it’s lack of user-friendliness and limitations to be a good cause to upgrading to a better CMS such as WordPress.  When you make the switch from Vivvo to WordPress you can retain the exact same website that you have now, or you can use it as an opportunity to upgrade to an improved design.

WordPress offers all of the same functionalities that Vivvo does, but so much more.  You will be able to access thousands upon thousands of free or cheap “plugins” that can improve the user-experience or appearance of your website.  Additionally, you can utilize these plugins to assist your in the management of your website through the backend admin / dashboard.

When we convert your website, we can guarantee not only that we preserve the exact same appearance (if desired), but also any search engine rankings that you have.  Part of this includes keeping the same URL extensions so that your preserve “deep links” to inner pages.  Also, the inner pages will not even be temporarily removed from the index of search engines since they will view your website exactly the same.

Most Vivvo websites can be converted over to WordPress in as little as 48-72 hours.  For a very large website it can take a little bit longer.  We can provide you with a quote and time-frame to convert your Vivvo website over to WordPress.

Contact us today to receive more information and a quote.  If you hire us we can begin immediately.  We look forward to earning your business.


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