Convert Godaddy Website Builder to WordPress

The Godaddy Website Builder is an ok tool for someone with absolutely no experience using a website.  Like other basic CMSs, it will allow you to efficiently publish a simple website and manage it from the website dashboard.

The reality is this really only serves the purpose of having the most basic of websites with a simple template and some content.  For the website owner who wants to give their website a lot more power, have nearly limitless options for additions/plugins, and desires good SEO, they should make the switch to WordPress.

WordPress is also free to use, and you have many better options for web hosting.  Godaddy shared servers are infamous for form inquires not being sent through in a timely manner, and sometimes getting backed up and not sent at all.  This could result in a major loss of business and revenue.

Even if you decide not to convert your Godaddy website to WordPress, we encourage you to look at other content management systems, as Godaddy is one of the weakest.

The cost to change your website to WordPress ranges from $150-$200 (if you want to keep the exact same website, but managed on WordPress).  If you want to migrate your website to something brand new, and use a more appealing design, we can offer a migration with custom theme design for $350-$450 (the majority of conversions to WordPress fall within this price range).

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