Our Process

Here you will find a brief overview of our process of converting a website to WordPress.  The process varies slightly depending on if you are having a HTML website converted, PSD images, or another CMS converted to WordPress.  Ultimately, we just need the files of your current non-WordPress website (or PSD) and then we upload them onto our test / development server and conduct the conversion from there.  Once the conversion is complete, we will send you a link to the demo of your new WP website and you can closely review it and the WordPress dashboard (backend admin).  We never touch your live website, and we also will show you how to keep the old version of your non-WordPress website once we (or you) publish it.  Once you are ready to have your new WordPress website published, we would be glad to instruct you on how to do it yourself, or we will be happy to do it for you. Below are some specific details for HTML websites, PSD image conversions, and CMS conversions.

HTML conversions to WordPress:  

The first step (and the only thing that we need from you) is a backup of your websites files.  This simply consists of your HTML files and any separate images.   You can easily find these files in your hosting control panel (Cpanel).  If you are unfamiliar with where to look, please contact your hosting provider and they will assist you.  Also, you have the option to provide us direct access to your hosting Cpanel (or FTP) and we will take the backup of the files ourselves.

PSD conversions to WordPress:

Very simply, we just need you to email us the image files of the PSDs that you want converted.

CMS conversions to WordPress:

Being that there are so many different content management systems, the process will vary from one CMS to another.  Please contact us and we will provide you specific instructions for sending us what we need in order to conduct the conversions.

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