Convert MyBB to WordPress Service

Feeling restricted by the limited features and customization potential of the MyBB CMS? If you’d like to move beyond a basic bulletin board-style website, switching to WordPress is the best option.  Doesn’t that mean having to start completely from scratch? Won’t it end up being a huge headache  The answer to both those questions is a resounding no.

At least, that’s the case when you take advantage of our affordable, convenient MyBB to WordPress conversion service. We will take your existing MyBB site, including its layout, functionality and other features, and migrate it intact to the WordPress CMS. There, you will enjoy a robust new array of features and a much more user-friendly experience.

WordPress is the gold standard when it comes to creating and maintaining stylish, highly functional sites with little or no design or coding experience. Despite that, you may be reluctant due to concerns about having to teach yourself a whole new CMS. Well, we have good news: Our MyBB to WordPress conversion service includes free training, instructions and ongoing support for your new WordPress-powered site.

In as little as 72 hours, you can start enhancing your site on the WordPress platform. Contact us today to get started!

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