Moveable Type to WordPress Conversion Service

Like many people, you may have discovered that the learning curve for Movable Type is steeper than you’d expected. Despite this, you may have held off on switching to a more intuitive CMS because you’re questioning how complicated or expensive it may be.

Converting a website from Movable Type to a superior CMS like WordPress isn’t exactly a “do it yourself” job, and show be left to experts who have immense experience migrating websites from Moveable Type to WordPress.  In most cases, we’re able to convert a Movable Type website to WordPress in 72 hours or less, and our fees couldn’t be more competitive.

There are tons of benefits to switching from Movable Type to WordPress. WordPress’s editor is vastly superior, there is significantly more that can be accomplished on a WordPress website, and a plethora of free plugins to utilize.  Also, scheduling future posts is incredibly easy. Customizing and maintaining a WordPress site is a lot easier too.  Once we’ve migrated your Movable Type site to WordPress, you’ll wish you’d made the switch much sooner.

Reluctant to switch because you don’t want to learn the ropes of a new CMS? In addition to converting your complete site to WordPress, we provide free training, instructions and ongoing support to ensure that you hit the ground running with WordPress.  It really is that easy, so contact us today, we would love to earn your business.

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