Joomla to WordPress Conversion Service

joomlaOwners of online websites, blogs, affiliate sites and community-service websites increasingly choose to migrate from Joomla to WordPress to take advantage of a greater number of themes and extensions, plugins and security patches. Conversions, however, pose logistical problems, security risks and transitional problems that could compromise your website if not handled carefully.  This could result in your website going down, jeopardizing potential sales or actions that could be taking place on your website, or even worse damaging your reputation. Our professional website conversions services, conducted by our highly-experienced developers and technicians provide an error-free, fully secure and optimized conversion, and in a timely manner.  We will migrate your Joomla website to WordPress on our own staging server.  Then, when it is ready we can assist you in publishing your new WordPress website so that it is successfully switched over without any issues.  After the conversion, we provide 60 days of free technical expertise and training.  Our goal is to help you enjoy the advantages of WordPress as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Professional Joomla to WordPress Migration

Professional consultants transfer your site with minimal disruptions and ensure that your new site doesn’t lose its hard-earned SEO authority, quality links and online reputation. Complete conversions mean that all your emails, calendars, contacts, notes, journals, plugins and applications will work immediately on your new site with little or no downtime. Other benefits of expert third-party conversions include:

  • No end-user involvement
  • Theme conversions that match or surpass current design
  • Fast conversions
  • Technical advice on hardware issues
  • Preservation of SEO rankings
  • Training in WordPress
  • Getting the most stable version of WordPress
  • Help for configuring menus and widgets
  • Finding comparable WordPress plugins to replace Joomla extensions
  • Testing each page and app
  • Removing broken links


Transfer Your Website Design Seamlessly

Your current Joomla website design will probably require some tweaking when converting to WordPress, and experts can choose the best themes and design solutions to reproduce websites accurately, make any requested design changes and get the feel and look that distinguishes a website, blog or business. A professional-grade WordPress theme will increase your options for customizing the website’s display on each computing device, adding plugins, widgets and extensions and dealing with security issues before, during and after conversions.

Functioning After Migration

After migration, expert technicians will test every app, page and function to ensure that they work as intended. Third-party, unbiased consultants test SEO rankings, make sure that the new site is coded properly for Web crawlers and check that images and videos appear on the site correctly. Using a professional migration service ensures that customers, vendors and viewers find your new site automatically when permanent 301 URL redirects are inserted.

Ongoing Benefits of Using a Professional Migration Service

Migrating your Joomla website to WordPress offers ongoing benefits for your business that include staying current with CORE updates, managing the code that runs on your site, maximizing operational efficiency and enforcing stronger security measures to keep your company in compliance with best practices and government regulations. If you need a plugin modified for your exact needs, a professional service provides custom support while ensuring that security risks don’t expose your data to determined hackers, in-house attacks and illegal botnets.

Converting your Joomla website to WordPress raises some significant management and logistical issues, so choosing an expert technical consultant to partner with your company ensures a smoother transition, better security and more effective plugins and applications for your online business. Regardless of whether you’re a blogger, local business, regional chain, affiliate site, agency, national brand, community organization or development partner, you need to be able to trust your new site’s code, function and SEO strength and authority. Ensure a seamless Joomla to WordPress conversion by choosing a professional migration service.

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