ExpressionEngine to WordPress Conversion Service

Feeling backed into a corner and limited by your Expression Engine website can do?  Like many people, the CMS may have lost its allure for a variety of reasons.  Most notably, you need considerable tech know-how to produce a unique, functional site, and there’s no community of developers constantly churning out great new plugins and widgets, as there is with WordPress. But then, switching to WordPress will be a huge headache, right?


Attempting to transfer your Expression Engine site to WordPress on your own can cause major issues. Thankfully, our Expression Engine to WordPress conversion service takes the guesswork, expense and hassle out of the process. Our clients are thrilled upon realizing how much easier and more intuitive WordPress is, and they’re especially pleased with how simple and error free the conversion process is with our help.

Once your site has been migrated to WordPress, you’ll gain access to all kinds of exciting, user-friendly features.  Intimidated by the idea of having to learn yet another CMS?  We’ve got you covered because our conversion services include free training, instructions and ongoing support for newly converted WordPress sites.  We are here to help with all your website conversion and WordPress development needs so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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