Drupal to WordPress Conversion

drupalpxDrupal can serve well as a large, complex content-management system for some individuals and companies with extensive technical requirements. However, the complexity of Drupal often threatens to overwhelm the limited resources available to many businesses and individuals who strongly prefer to focus on their commercial or nonprofit activities without being repeatedly dragged into a steep learning curve for new functionalities or having to hire an expensive Drupal expert just to add those functionalities. Fortunately, powerful alternatives exist to the unwarranted investment in time and energy that Drupal frequently represents. In particular, WordPress has proven itself to be an increasingly sophisticated and capable CMS that long since has moved beyond its origins as a simple blogging platform.

As with other advanced CMS platforms, WordPress gains much of its power from a myriad of free and paid plugins that offer such helpful functions as fast static caching of dynamic pages, automated management of Google AdSense and other advertising placements, distributed protection against spammers or illegal hackers, quick collection of contact information and many others. Indeed, many large WordPress websites depend entirely on freely available plugins from enthusiastic and talented programmers. For managing the look and feel of a website, an entire ecology has sprung up around the concept of modern, responsive themes that will adapt automatically to a vast spectrum of desktop browsers, Internet-connected tablets and mobile devices such as smartphones, thus greatly broadening the reach of your message without any special need to address specific Internet-access platforms.

Htm2wp’s team is staffed with industry experts who have accumulated years of experience with the fine art of migrating an existing Drupal installation into a newer, smoother WordPress installation that better reflects the message you wish to convey with your website. We will handle every aspect of upgrading your Drupal website into a modern WordPress installation, such the entirety of a shopping experience, a critical nonprofit mission, a deeply personal website with many artistic expressions or a wide range of other website architectures. A dedicated specialist from our team will be assigned to work closely with you on your translation project, ensuring that you always are in the loop and fully aware of any technical issues and possible improvements that could enhance the profitability of your business, the effectiveness of your nonprofit activities or the power of your personal website.

Regardless of the challenge, the odds are excellent that you will not need to do much beyond periodically nodding with approval at how your project is progressing. Multimedia files and links, artwork, product descriptions, thematic expressions, mission statements, existing comment databases for forums and any other relevant aspects of your expressive website will flow through our hands into your new WordPress installation. We will even handle all licensing issues for any specialized commercial add-ons or thematic frameworks that a particularly advanced website may require.

A strong concern for us is making certain that all of the work you’ve already put into your current website doesn’t go to waste. We can accurately port website sections with custom thematic approaches, duplicate the functionality of private areas meant only for a few authorized people, cleanly handle and update obscure file formats and directly address many other issues that might have presented difficulties for less experienced teams. Once our work is done, you will have a straightforward, WordPress-based website that saves time and energy, pleases visitors and avoids future problems with maintaining an overly complex CMS like Drupal. Your focus can then be on doing what you love instead of on frittering your resources on excessively technical concerns. WordPress is a highly effective solution that has attracted hundreds of large commercial outfits, major nonprofit organizations and prominent individuals looking for simplicity and power without undue complexity. You can join them now!

Htm2wp’s team stands ready to immediately fulfill your desire for an advanced website that takes advantage of the work of a very active and dedicated WordPress community. Please let us know how you wish to be contacted. A simple name and email will do just fine — we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with more information on how you can make your life easier with a sleek, professional conversion of your current website into the WordPress CMS platform. You can also call our customer-service representatives directly at (303) 520-6238 for an even faster response!

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