Wix to WordPress Conversion Service

Converting your WIX website to WordPress offers important long-term advantages including greater flexibility, more support options and the ability to import plugins from an ever-growing list that or more than 26,000 applications and widgets. Embedding your site in an external location could limit your search engine results, analytics and support, but getting WordPress allows you to have complete control of your business, online presence and custom-coding abilities. You can minimize potential problems of the migration by hiring an outside consultant to ensure a smooth transition, avoid downtime and preserve or improve your SEO rankings.

Signature Benefits of Using WordPress

Regardless of whether your website is the sole source of your livelihood, an important hobby or an additional source of revenue, attracting people, conveying a professional image and updating content are important. WordPress helps you grow your blog, company or cause with better security, more design choices and thousands of software applications. However, the biggest advantage for many website owners is that the service is 100-percent free to use without any software licensing fees.

You can manage your website after the migration without technical coding and programming knowledge. WordPress has simple menus and interfaces that make it user-friendly for redesigning your site, creating and publishing content and scaling your online presence to handle almost unlimited growth. You can build thousands of pages or index hundreds of thousands of blog posts if needed without compromising website performance. Other benefits of using WordPress as your content management system include:

  • Change the look and feel of your website instantly.
  • Choose from thousands of free themes and plugins.
  • Log-in from any computer to manage your site because WordPress is browser-based, not server-based.
  • Upload images, text, blog posts and video files without buying FTP or HTML software.
  • Extend your website’s functionality by adding video galleries, social media buttons, event calendars and other user-friendly applications.
  • Define access levels for multiple users for better Internet security.
  • Take advantage of getting better SEO placement because Google gives WordPress websites higher rankings than sites that use WIX, which is often unfriendly to Google search algorithms.

Migrating to WordPress from WIX puts you in the most popular CMS in the world that’s used on more than 60 million websites including 18.9 percent of the top 10 million Web addresses.

Getting Expert Assistance in Converting Your Site

If the prospect of migrating your site is holding you back from converting, hiring an automatic migration service makes conversion fast and easy while ensuring flawless and worry-free conversions. Your new site will retain all its SEO authority and quality links, and the service handles the worrisome details like transferring all your emails, applications and miscellaneous files. You can also get training for your staff in administering your new WordPress site. Benefits of using a third-party migration service include:

  • Retain your links, journals, contacts and notes.
  • Lose a minimum amount of downtime during the transition.
  • Transfer your site accurately by choosing from thousands of website designs and WordPress themes.
  • Test quality assurance after migration to verify that everything works properly.
  • Remove broken links to improve your website’s authority.
  • Retain the connected relationships among various types of content.
  • Create automatic and manual metadata information to prevent errors.
  • Implement 301 redirects so that you don’t lose bookmarks to the old site.

Migration Service Benefits After Conversion

You even get help after migration to handle any issues that arise or take advantages of new opportunities. Any application-registry settings and third-party software will need to be added manually. Occasionally, code will need to be changed, or you might want to change codes because of new opportunities. Testing all content and applications is critical for ensuring security, functionality and accurate compilation of reports that are compiled from various databases and sources.

A professional migration service will help you manage post-conversion issues and answer questions that might arise. In addition to problems, you can immediately improve your SEO standing by optimizing your virtual pages with metadata. Your consultant will help you create unique title pages and meta descriptions for virtual pages because WIX only indexes one page in these situations.

Migrating to WordPress from WIX offers security advantages, greater choices of plugins, technical support from expert coders from around the world, powerful widgets for e-commerce and the ability to update your site and make edits and changes even if you don’t know much about coding. Host your website on any server you choose instead of facing restrictions, domain transfer issues and poor user experiences for the customers who are the lifeblood of your business, organization or blog.

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