Blogger to WordPress Migration Service


We can help you transfer your Blogger website to WordPress with ease and efficiency.  If you want to maintain the same structure, appearance and features of your Blogger site we can maintain this for you.  Or if you would like to enhance the quality of your blog we can help you choose a great WordPress theme and format everything for you.

If you want to maintain your SEO we can easily do this for you.  Your site would essentially stay the same (assuming you opt for an exact match conversion) so all content and page titles will remain the same.  Additionally, we can even keep the old URLs the exact same so it will not require Google indexing new pages and any “deep links” that point to inner pages will be kept in tact.   We will also use 301 redirects whenever necessary which passes Page Rank from old URLs to the new URLs.

In order to receive a quote please fill out the form on the right or give us a call.  The process to move Blogger to WordPress usually is completed within only 2-3 days.

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