b2evolution to WordPress Conversion

The selection of website platforms currently available makes it easier than ever for business owners to maintain their own website or blog.  However, the variety of choices can make it difficult to select the best software for a particular website.  Many users opted for open source software, such as b2evolution.  Although there is no denying that b2e is a good program, there are greater advantages to using WordPress, necessitating converting an existing b2evolution site to WordPress if one wishes to take advantage of these advantages.

Availability of WordPress Plugins

A solution is more than just the base functionality of a software, platform or language. It is also important to be able to expand upon the core functionality.  Currently, there are only about 200 plugins available for b2evolution.  There are thousands more available for WordPress.  It is difficult to get an exact count of WP plugins, as it seems that new ones appear several times each day. WordPress has more users, but in addition, the users tend to be very active in the community.  This interaction helps to drive the development of new plugins.

User Interface

The user interface in b2e was once considered one of its strong points.  It was clean and easy to navigate. However, it now appears to be dated and clumsy, compared to not only WordPress, but also many other software interfaces.  The WordPress user interface is considered the most intuitive, efficient backend management option that exists.  It is easy for just about anyone to learn and use.


Getting the most out of b2evolution requires knowing how to write code in PHP and SQL. It is true that coding requirements are not necessary for many uses of b2e, but it is also true that obtaining the desired results often requires writing or “tweaking” code. On the other hand, users of WordPress can handle virtually any need without ever having to write a word of code, thanks to the vast number of plugins available.

Making the Switch

Converting a website from b2evolution to WordPress can be challenging. It is not particularly difficult to make the basic conversion, but getting the finished product just right can be a totally different matter. Engaging a professional service to handle the conversion is typically faster, leading to a better, more functional site — without the frustration of time spent learning what will and will not work.  We guarantee a perfect conversion of your site, including a smooth process, perfect match of your site, and without any complications.

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